Avengers Infinity War – My Revised Lives/Dies List

It’s been five days since I’ve seen Infinity Wars and I can’t stop thinking about it. This might come as a surprise since the only other article on this blog is about how much I disliked the first one. Since then I’ve come to have a healthy appreciation for the MCU. The light-hearted jokey tone, great actors utilized well, engaging screenplays, and giving lots of respect to the source material I grew up with.

Overall, Infinity Wars has been my favorite MCU movie so far. The MCU is filled with characters, and all of them get their moment in the spotlight in this movie and it all feels balanced and engaging. Every minute of screen time is used, and every action scene holds real weight.

With that preamble out-of-the-way, be prepared for spoilers ahead!

However (and I’m sure you saw this coming), I think there are a couple really great missed opportunities with who lives and dies after Thanos’ finger snap. What I say ahead comes with a couple important caveats.

First, I will absolutely be seeing the second movie and I’m sure the choices made in this film will all pan out.

Second, that I realize that I am not a screenwriter and that the writers of this screenplay have more foresight and talent then I ever will. This is just one fans thoughts on how I might have changed things to create some dynamics I would have loved to see in the next film.

So please humor me and allow me to geek out and fan fiction this movie that I enjoyed.

With that, here we go! Let’s start with the bad stuff. Here’s how I would have organized things.


Captain America – I think is one of the bigger missed opportunities. For all intents and purposes, I think Steve Rogers is the protagonist of, at the very least, the Avengers movies and possibly the MCU on the whole. His death would have been earth-shattering to the view, as well as to the dynamics of the Avengers. On a second note, his death opens up opportunities for Black Widow which I’ll talk about a bit later.

Iron Man – This one is harder because his scene with Spider-Man was heart wrenching. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr have been great on-screen together, and I think taking this scene away would be a loss. That said, I feel like he should have been killed with the stab to the abdomen by Thanos. This is the villain Tony Stark has been fearing since the first Avengers. Having him die by Thanos’ hand would have been a really nice way to wrap up his character arc. Similar to Captain America, seeing the first MCU character die would be a huge impact.

Doctor Strange – It pains me to say it because I like this character, but I totally agree with this was done. Clearly, Doctor Strange has seen a way to beat Thanos. Him being gone leaves the mystery of how to do it open.

Black Panther – Again, another good move. I’m excited to see how Okoye will step up and possibly fill his role in the next movie

Vision/Scarlet Witch – both their roles in Infinity Wars was great, and I think this is a satisfying end for both characters.

Falcon – Not much to say with Sam Wilson. As much as I’d love to see this character grow, I’m not sure where to take him, so I have to go with the screenplay writers on this one.


Star-Lord – this one, similar to Captain America, I’d say is one of the biggest missed opportunities by killing him off. Peter Quill has been the light-hearted leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy since we’ve known him. In Infinity Wars, the love of his life Gamora is killed, and he is arguably one of the most responsible for the death of half the universe when he loses his cool when they almost have the gauntlet off of Thanos. A heavy burden for someone called the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s a lot here, and with Nebula still alive (see below) I’m curious how his character will change, and how he’ll process this burden. An interesting opportunity at least.

Nebula – I’ll get right on to this one. I love that this character survives. It’s actually amazing she’s still around since she was assumed dead after Guardians Vol. 1. How is she going to deal with her sister’s death? Will she finally get her revenge on Thanos?

Black Widow – this character I see lots of potential in with Captain America out of the picture. She’s been around since Iron Man 2, but we’ve never really seen her grow or take the spotlight. Wish Captain America dead, I want to see Natasha Romanov take up the reins and lead the Avengers. Seeing her move from espionage to leadership would be such an interesting arc. I would be curious to watch the newfound burden affects her relationship with Bruce Banner. And on that note …

The Hulk – Bruce Banner has been setup for lots of interesting stuff in the next Avengers movie. Why can’t he hulk out? Why did he leave earth? Why did he stay the Hulk for so many years after? Tons to do here, can’t wait to see what happens.

Spider-Man – I might find my own preferences sneaking in here since Spider-Man is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe, but two major things can happen by keeping him. First, by keeping Spider-Man and killing Iron Man, we still get a death scene between these characters. Tony Stark could actually sit in as a proxy Uncle Ben since Tony’s become very much the father figure similar to Uncle Ben. I also love Tom Holland as Spider-Man and want to see move of him. The story of Spider-Man is all about growth and responsibility, and shouldering the fallout of Tony Starks death would play into that nicely

Rocket Raccoon – The death of Groot was painful to go through a second time, and I wouldn’t take this death away. Plus, I want to keep around at least half of the Guardians and with Peter Quill, I think this balances out nicely. No change here.

Thor – I’ve found that I’ve been a masochist with this list and killed off most of the original team, so keeping Thor around feels like a must. Plus, this character has watched the death of everyone he loves and holds dear, so there is still lots to explore. It’s funny to say this about the character who was in the beginning one of the most boring, but Chris Hemsworth has seen to turning that around quite nicely.

The Winter Soldier – With Captain America gone, this is a great chance to have Bucky Barnes do what he did in the comics and take up the shield for himself. I’ve really been waiting for this since the moment he caught the shield when Cap threw it at him in Winter Soldier.

Okoye – Another character I want to see more of and see how she fills the Black Panther shoes.

The New Avengers Teams

This lineup allows for a great mix of team OG and team new with about half the original Avengers gone, and the new half having to mix in. Our lineup now is:

Off planet – Star Lord, Nebula, Spider-Man – this team now has to grapple with their losses, get off Titan, and regroup with the core Avengers still on earth. All of them dealing with the loss of “family”. I think there is lots to do here. Not to get too dark with it since that isn’t these movies, but for me, I like this dynamic.

On Earth – Black Widow, The Hulk, Okoye, War Machine, Thor, The Winter Soldier – a good mix of old and characters that game in the middle. The main cast from the original is down by half, and we have old characters filling the roles of their counterparts that have passed. It also gives a lighter case to add Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye back into the mix whom were absent from this movie.

What do you think of this list?

Would you keep the ending of Infinity Wars the same?

Do you have some minor tweaks of your own?

Post in the comments below!

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