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.NET-Core GoogleCloudMlV1PredictRequest Execture Method Returns null Response

Execute GoogleCloudMlV1PredictRequest gives a GoogleApiHttpBody object that has null fields

While creating a .NET-Core MVC API to interact with my Google Cloud ml-engine model, I came across a strange issue. For testing purposes, I used Google’s Census example to get up to speed and make sure what I wanted to do works.

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The Basics of Machine Learning

Today, my brother-in-law asked me about machine learning and where it’s going. I’ve been really interested in the field lately, so I wrote a message to illustrate some of the basics. I decided I would post it on here for anyone else who might be interested in learning a bit more. Let me know your thoughts, questions, and any points I might have gone wrong too!

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Are GUIDs actually unique?


This could potentially be the shortest blog post ever written, and the short mathematically accurate answer is “no”. A GUID (globally unique identifier) is a 32 character sequence of  alphanumeric (letters or numbers). They are useful to developers because, in theory when generated, no GUID like this has been generated before, nor will another be generated again.

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